European Solidarity Corps International Volunteering

The European Solidarity Corps initiative offers international volunteering opportunities to support humanitarian aid actions in third countries.


European Solidarity Corps

Activity covers a wide range of issues, such as the promotion of gender equality, the protection of people in vulnerable situations or the improvement of food security, among others.

Movement for Peace -MPDL- offers several vacancies in Colombia, Guatemala, Morocco, Palestine and Jordan for 9 months.

What does it offer?

  • It can last from 2 to 12 months.
  • Full-time (between 30 and 38 hours per week).
  • It allows to contribute to the daily tasks necessary to support the activities undertaken by the host organisation, which is an organisation active in the field of humanitarian aid.
  • It is "cross-border" - i.e. in a country other than the country of residence - and takes place in a third country where humanitarian aid activities and operations are taking place.

Who can participate?

European Solidarity Corps’s volunteering vacancies are open to people aged 18-30 (35 for humanitarian aid volunteering) who are legally resident in an EU Member State or in a third country associated to the Programme (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey and the Republic of North Macedonia) and who have registered on the European Solidarity Corps Portal.

What is covered?

  • Basic expenses: travel to and from the project, visa costs, vaccination, accommodation and food.
  • A small allowance for personal expenses (amount depending on the country).
  • Insurance.
  • Support services, such as language support and training.
  • Accompaniment by the host and sending organisation.

How to apply?

To participate in humanitarian aid volunteering, the person concerned has to register with the European Solidarity Corps and complete specific training free of charge at the European Union Academy before being selected by an organisation to volunteer.

The steps are:

  1. Register here.
  2. Indicate in the European Solidarity Corps profile your interest in volunteering in humanitarian aid.
  3. Complete the self-assessment questionnaire.
  4. Complete the mandatory training course (free of charge) which will be delivered online on the EU Academy platform.
  5. Those who pass the final test will be selected to participate in a five-day face-to-face training organised by the European Union in groups of around 25 candidates.
  6. As soon as available vacancies are published, they will be able to apply for the vacancy and start the selection process with their chosen organisation.

Important: access the EU Academy online training courses through the "Online Training" tab of your European Solidarity Corps account (by selecting the option "Humanitarian Aid Training", not General Online Training).

European Solidarity Corps international volunteering is an opportunity to make a difference, to experience a new culture, to broaden horizons, to improve skills and to support the transformation of realities.

Places are limited - get involved!

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